5 Google AdWords Features You Should Be Using In 2018

5 Google AdWords Features You Should Be Using In 2018

There is the lot to know about the Google AdWords management. Google’s privacy policy is still not as high as they are updating and unleashing their new features for the AdWords platform. The new interface of Google AdWords may be taken some time to understand but once you got it will be just like a piece of cake. In the year 2018 Google found themselves in a wrestling match over product advertisement with Amazon. This year Google AdWords management introduces some new cool features to the marketing business. You must have the following five features whether you are running a business to the business company or some digital store. Let’s find what are the main features introduced by the Google AdWords management.
By the year 2019, the old version of AdWords management interface will be phase out and you will get the new interface that will help you to trade better.
Here’s the list of five features that you should use in 2018 by the AdWords management.

The new interface of AdWords
Surely the users will take some time for getting used to with the new interface of Google AdWords management. Once they understand the interface they will surely love it. In the new interface, you will enter the world where you can bid on different call extensions, target income, review some new landing pages and also promote discounts. The new interface of Google AdWords management is making all this possible for their users.
In the new user interface of Google AdWords management system, you will get new UI as well as some awesome controls. The most favorite upgrading the user interface is the reports of call details. In the older version, you could only see the levels but in the new interface, you will get to know for how long the duration your keywords produce. In the new interface of Google AdWords, you will get the cool dashboard where you can see all the trends.

Extension Promotions
In the year 2018 more than 180 billion dollars was spent on the digital marketing. What does this have to do with the promotion extensions? In the new upgrade of the Google AdWords, the major upgrade is the promotion of extensions as with the help of this you can push your product to more doors. It is a well-documented thing in the Google Policy that rise of the extensions depends on the clicks rate. Advertisers are always trying to engage more customers. Google is trying to do all things for you so that you will spend on AdWords, not on Amazon.

Message Extensions
If you designed your landing page a masterpiece there are a lot of chances the users will contact you before reading your page. You must use the new extension by the Google AdWords “Message Extension” so they can contact you easily. Message extensions are really taking part in the engagement of users with your landing page. Message extensions are the important part of your landing page. PPC management is also working here as in a standard text ad users may click on your page but the interaction is not always 100%. PPC management is the other side that helps you in some other effective way. If you will use the message extension you will get to know what your users actually want from you.

Only call the Ads
PPC management is working in the form of Call only ads. The thing to note that call only ads will only run on the mobile-enabled devices. This allows the optimization for the phone call clicks. Google AdWords unlocks more than enough data for you to run a campaign using call only ads. With the help of calling only ads, you can see the following things like

    How many users click on your page without the call? How many calls were made and what is the length of each call Which keywords are produced when the ad was clicked?

Shopping Campaigns
Shopping ads are provided by the AdWords as this is the best way to market the shopping campaigns. A simple search can produce a big number of results against your product. This is the difference what shopping Ads can make. According to the latest report, 87% of clicks came from the shopping ads and 60% of the shopping ads are non-branded keywords.

Final Remarks
AdWords upgraded so much in the year 2018 and these tools will hopefully help you out and will provide you with a new approach. If you are still struggling than make an appointment with our experts and professionals to speed up your account.