Finding a Few Women’s Business Grants For Your New Business

Finding a Few Women’s Business Grants For Your New Business

So you’ve finally decided to start your own business. It’s a daunting task; but it looks like you’re up for the challenge. You’ve developed you’re business plan, you’ve even thought of a name for your new business venture. Now the next step is to find some way to finance the best business idea since the invention of the wheel. As a female entrepreneur, you know that there are quite a number of women business grants available, but the trick is to find out which ones will do you the most good.

One of the first places that most potential women business owners look for grant funding is the internet. A quick use of any of the major search engines will spill over about 10,000 websites that offer to search and find grants specifically for women available, for a nominal fee of course. However, as a potential business owner, the idea of spending scarce resources unnecessarily doesn’t sit well.

So the question becomes, is there a way to find out what grants are available, without spending your hard earned money? Of course there is, but you will have to spend a bit of time and effort tracking down the information. The following few paragraphs will detail some of the commonly overlooked resources for finding the financial assistance you need.

The Public Library

Surprised? Your local public library is a great source of information concerning women business grants and other financing opportunities. In fact, many libraries have complete sections dedicated to small business grants, for both women and minorities. Simply stop by the reference desk at your local library and ask to see their business resources section.

The Local Chamber of Commerce

Another great resource for finding funding for your new business venture is the local chamber of commerce. In most cases, your local town or city wants to encourage the development of local industries, including women entrepreneurs. Because of this desire, many cities offer specific women business grants designed specifically for start up costs, costs of property maintenance, and even the cost of everyday business expenses. While there might be a nominal application fee, the information is free. All you’ve got to do is ask.

Specific Business Organizations

Perhaps your potential business is one that has been well established in the national community. If that is the case, there is a good chance that funding is available from various professional or business organizations specific to your line of work. Check with the financial officer of the professional organization. They should be able to direct you to a few women business grants that could get the ball rolling.

These are just a few of the various resources that are available to any man or woman wanted to make the leap and start their own business. By doing a little legwork, and taking a little more time in the research process, you’ll be able to find the women business grants you need to start your dream business.

Women’s Business Grants For Your Business Start Up

We have all been witness to the boom in women’s businesses being created in recent years, and have heard the stories of sharp and savvy ladies acquiring women business grants to get started in fabulous new careers, opening stock brokerage corporations, real estate investment or marketing companies, law firms, and other high end professional businesses.

Obviously, these are naturally bright and enterprising, business-minded young women, who have had the privilege of a college education, or business degree, and are likely to be at an advantage to navigating their way round the legal mumbo jumbo of the government grant application. But what about some of the simpler gals?

You don not necessarily have to be a social genius or corporate ladder climber to advantage the benefits of women business grants though. Nor do are you required to pursue any business in what is generally considered the “professional” field. Any American taxpaying citizen over the age of eighteen of common intelligence could acquire free government money to open a hot dog stand if they wanted to, particularly, American women.

Each year the government awards thousands of women, who are eligible to qualify, with generous cash funds through small business grants to establish various types of businesses. While many do pursue high finance and professional ventures, a great portion of the female applicants are striving for smaller “mom and pop” types of businesses, and receiving a lot of free government money to do it.

The government is equally as willing to hand over a few thousand dollars for you to start a family restaurant, neighborhood grocery store, day care center, bakery, dance studio, or corner tavern as they are to finance a law firm, medical center, or realty company. Business is business and the United States economy depends on every single business, large or small. Statistics have also proven to Uncle Sam that investing in the ladies is more often than not a sure bet, as we have nearly double the success rate in business than men.