Kimberly Guilfoyle Attacks Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness

  • Kimberly Guilfoyle is the latest right-wing figure to weigh in on Biden’s student loan forgiveness.
  • She claimed without substantiation that the funds are used to fund useless courses.
  • She said the funds were used to subsidize those who pursued “bizarre basket weaving” degrees.

Conservative figure Kimberly Guilfoyle has hit out at President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness, baselessly claiming that the money would be used to subsidize “bizarre basket-weaving” degrees. 

“Enough of this nonsense! I mean, paying off loans for people that don’t want to — they wanna have some bizarre basket-weaving degree,” Guilfoyle told Newsmax host Rob Schmitt on Monday, using a colloquial term that refers to supposedly fictional and useless college courses.

“And they want all of us, people watching across this country, hard-working men and women, to subsidize their laziness and their inability to even try to contribute to society,” she added. 

Guilfoyle also called the student debt cancellation “unfair” and “un-American.”

“It’s not the way that this country should work,” she said. 

Earlier this month, Biden fulfilled a long-awaited campaign promise just days before student loan payments were meant to restart. He announced that his administration would offer $10,000 in student debt relief for those who specific criteria. Up to 8 million borrowers stand to benefit from the move, and those with Pell Grants — which the Department of Education gives to students who require more financial assistance — will see $20,000 of debt relieved. 

Far from what Guilfoyle claimed, debt cancellation does not just apply to specific degrees, and broadly covers people who earn less than $125,000. 

Guilfoyle — who is dating Donald Trump Jr. — has joined a chorus of voices on the right who have found fault with Biden for forgiving student loans. 

The White House also singled out several Republicans last week for bashing student loan forgiveness, despite having their own loans forgiven. However, that didn’t stop GOP lawmakers like Gov. Chris Sununu, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Ted Cruz from lashing out at Biden’s new policy.