Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville uses new technology to

CLARKSVILLE, TN – The childbirth team at Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville is now using an artificial intelligence-based maternal-fetal early warning system called PeriWatch Vigilance to enhance patient safety during labor and delivery.

The system continuously monitors maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions, and labor progression to help clinicians quickly identify any concerning developments for faster intervention.

Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville delivers more than 1,900 babies each year. Kristin Veneman, DO, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and the medical director of Tennova’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, indicates this new technology is an important resource to support maternal/fetal health and safe deliveries.

“Every delivery is unique so the health and well-being of every mom and baby is our priority during childbirth,” says Dr. Veneman. “While most births happen without complication, there are some inherent risks in the delivery of a newborn. This new technology adds another layer of protection throughout the labor process to help our maternity team recognize, prevent and respond to avoidable complications.”

Through pattern recognition, the technology can also pinpoint opportunities for overall improvement based on consolidated data from multiple births. As the maternity team reviews trends and identifies areas where improvement is possible, the hospital can use that information to develop protocols that further increase safety and may lead to better outcomes for mothers and babies.

“By investing in this technology, Tennova Healthcare – Clarksville is making labor and delivery safer for mothers and babies,” said Alex Villa, CEO. “Our physicians and nurses are highly skilled medical professionals and excellent caregivers and they appreciate the use of technology to support their work, especially when it helps keep our patients safe.”

To learn more about Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville’s Family Birth Center or to find a physician, visit www.tennovaclarksville.com.