American Racing

American Racing

I grew up in Indianapolis and my Dad was a big Indy 500 fan. As a child I remember Memorial Day as family picnics and listening to the 500 on the car radio. The old front engine roadsters with the 4 cylinder Offys had a sound all there own.

As I grew up I stayed an Indy car fan for a long time but then as if over night front engine roadsters were gone and so was the sound of the Offenhouser. Replaced by rear engine cars with exotic power plants that were fast but just did not stir the Indy car fan in me the way it use too. As time went on the drivers that I had grown up with were gone, replaced by drivers that had names I could not spell let alone pronounce. I guess that signaled the end of the attraction that I had for Indy cars.

While up to this point I had not been an avid Nascar fan. I still had listened to a few races and recognized names like Petty, Waltrip and Parsons. Then it hit me, American muscle cars and good old boys from down home…now that was racing I could really relate to. That as it turns out, is what Indy car racing lost, and why they lost me as a fan and Nascar gained a fan!!

Now you can call me silly, stupid or patriotic, but I like American cars racing on American tracks. I am not thrilled at all about Toyota participating in Nascar races. Next thing you know we will have Mercedes and BMWs running and asking for a race in Germany. Then you will have drivers with names I can’t pronounce, driving cars that I do not really relate to. Of course if you are sitting in one of those very expensive skyboxes you might relate to Mercedes and BMW but what about the other 150,000 fans sitting in the grand stands.

The bad thing, is this whole concept of racing outside the US, is just about greed!! Nascar is already making money hands over fist, how much do they need and at who’s expense? Nascar wants world wide market share and they could care less if I like the product they offer or not. Indy car racing had the same aspiration at a time when they were extremely popular. Now their market share is right up there with Ladies Professional Basketball. Please Nascar don’t lose what got you where your at! I really don’t think I can get into watching Drag Racing on TV…but that might be about all that’s left!

Does anybody make fantasy Drag Racing software? Just covering my bases.