Evyrgreen Networking is Here to Support Business Development

Business Development Professionals need to learn how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively to attain new clients.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, more and more professionals are finding themselves at a career inflection point – and many of them are deciding to branch off on their own. Evyrgreen Networking is already helping over 680 sales professionals generate revenue with LinkedIn.

“We are committed to supporting 10,000 people to create more awareness, more credibility, and have more conversations that lead to real revenue,” said Joe Apfelbaum, LinkedIn Strategist at Evyrgreen. “Millions of professionals left their jobs to be able to have more freedom and take control of how they make a living and support their families – and to do that all they need is a strategy that will guarantee results.”

Since its founding, Evyrgreen Networking has supported hundreds of sales professionals like lawyers, coaches, accountants, marketing consultants, recruiters, IT consultants, and real estate agents with LinkedIn training, LinkedIn strategy, professional goal setting, and how to network to get the most out of their professional relationships. Evyrgreen’s coursework includes training, videos, worksheets, and ongoing coaching and support – all available at https://www.evyrgreen.com

Evyrgreen is currently offering a Sales Navigator Bootcamp for sales professionals. The purpose of Sales Navigator is to quickly engage and build awareness with ideal prospects and build real long-lasting relationships. To learn more, visit: https://evyrgreen.com/sales-navigator-bootcamp.

“Our team of LinkedIn trainers at Evyrgreen Networking are ready to help teach the next wave of entrepreneurs, founders, and freelancers how to leverage LinkedIn to find clients and, ultimately, to make a difference in the world,” said Joe Apfelbaum.

About Evyrgreen Networking

Evyrgreen Networking is the most detailed video course and coaching program for business owners and entrepreneurs to learn how to master LinkedIn to create hundreds of high-quality prospective clients that lead to business opportunities. At Evyrgreen Networking, we provide our students with the most detailed video course and coaching programs for business owners and entrepreneurs to learn how to get more clients and generate real revenue. Learn more at https://www.evyrgreen.com.

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