The Classic BMW 1600

The Classic BMW 1600

What makes a BMW stand out from the rest of the crowd? Innovative engineering, excellent performance, and high technology, that is. For each BMW is made to carry out these characteristics. Each part and detail has been specifically designed and crafted so as to provide excellent power and performance that would add up to the total pleasure in the BMW driving experience. It could be seen that through the years, the BMW has proven itself again and again. It certainly is one of the best cars around. It is the Ultimate Driving Machine.

To have a BMW vehicle is synonymous to having the feeling of pride and awe. Pride because a person owns one of the topnotch vehicles in town and awe for a person cannot just get over the power and performance that BMW vehicles bring with it. Dynamism is something that BMW vehicles exude. Everything is moved and transformed to a higher level. The BMW responds. It knows how to follow its driver’s commands and instructions. This vehicle serves and maintains its ultimate purpose and never fails to deliver.

BMW is passion. Everything has been carefully selected. Every little part and every little nook has a purpose. It is more than just a car. It is innovation, safety, and execution. The design for this vehicle brand is timeless and very distinct. Classic it may seem, however it is what makes BMWs unique. It does not conform to the latest fads and thrills. It is comfortable with its individuality and with itself. The classic details for this vehicle include the twin kidney grilles and four headlights. These have become the classic BMW look. Classic as it may seem, innovations are not withheld so as to provide each and every BMW owner and user an exhilarating driving experience.

One of the vehicles that hold the classic BMW touch is the BMW 1600. It emanates an aura of sophistication and class, elegance and magnificence. This vehicle holds a water-cooled four-cylinder engine that can hold a displacement of 1,573 cc. The BMW 1600 has a four speed manual transmission, a steering worm and roller, as well as coil springs suspensions for the front and the rear. The BMW 1600 has a wheelbase of 100.4 inches, disc brakes for the front and rear, and can take up a maximum speed of 96 mph. The engine of the BMW 1600 has been considered to be quite weak. However, this does not affect and does not pose to be a problem for people who are inclined to being vintage racer enthusiasts. The vehicle is a great one for it can be upgraded for stronger brakes even without power assist.